Missy Kai Hoffman,
Holistic Yoga Coach

IMPROVE FLEXIBILITY. reduce stress. relieve pain. 


Ready to experience all this?:

  • Connection between mind and body
  • Overall enhanced life balance
  • Increase mobility and flexibility
  • Injury prevention
  • Better self awareness
  • Better nutrition
  • Empowered and educated
  • Clear and consistent professional support
  • Accountable and rapidly progressing toward personal health goals

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private, safe, nonjudgmental

Missy Kai Yoga Sanctuary is a quiet, safe place for clients to relax and to: 

  • To benefit from personalized attention and a structured program built around their unique needs, desires, and intentions
  • To eliminate the competitive, judgemental dynamic of yoga studios
  • To facilitate a sense of tranquility, sanctuary, ease, peace, and relaxation

Stop worrying about the embarrassment, competitiveness, and awkwardness of group yoga classes. Instead relax in quiet, homey comfort.

personalized care & Service

Missy Kai's reputation is for outstanding service and helping each individual: 

  • To create simple daily yoga routines which you can do just 10-15 minutes per day
  • To find and address the REAL underlying causes of specific conditions, imbalances, and limitations
  • To keep your practice accountable and constantly evolving with regular check-ins and wellness reports

Yoga therapy is the perfect complement for any fitness and health regimen to benefit from personalized services and care.

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holistic coaching & expertise

Don't just stretch - enhance overall life balance from Missy's holistic expertise:

  •  To integrate nutrition and diet, alignment, work, sleep, and other lifestyle adaptations into your personalized programs
  • To stay accountable with regular updates &
    comprehensive wellness reports
  • To benefit from therapeutic techniques based in both Eastern and Western methods  

An holistic approach which focuses on preventative care, rooted in the ancient wisdom of yoga and adapted for modern lifestyle.